24 Happy Happy Day Children's Easter Books & Goodie Bags

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16-page softcover book tells the Resurrection Story in a new way! An easy way to turn story time into family time by reading the Bible verses noted on each page. Matching goodie bag makes this easy to give away to children before Easter or on Easter morning. Tuck the book in the goodie bag, add some treats or Easter eggs and you're done! Makes a meaningful Easter gift. Theme Bible verse is Matthew 28:6, He is risen, as he said (KJV). The book has many referenced Bible verses to help enforce the message. The back of the book includes a page for adults to assist in getting the most out of the book for the different ages that might be reading it. Matching goodie bag is 9" x 12". For ages 3 - 8.

  • 16 page softcover book is 6" x 6-1/2"
  • Goodie bag is 9" x 12"
  • For ages 3 - 8

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