Arssiy Body & Face Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device for Women and Men, 400,000 Flashes IPL Hair Removal System


$99.00 $129.00

  • IPL Technology & Effective permanent hair reduction : IPL applies gentle flashes of light onto the skin's surface ,uses optical energy to stop the growth of the hair and breaks the cycle of hair regrowth.Hair re-growth is weakened & hair sheds naturally. Objective studies show up to 96% hair reduction in as little as 3 treatments.After just 8-12 treatments you can enjoy hair-free smooth skin.
  • 5 power level & Ice cool feature:Simple and easy to use,choose the most suitable energy setting and provide a gentle treatment painlessly and safely.Meanwhile,Ice cool function calms and relieves your skin,quickly shrinks pores.
  • Safe and Energy Efficient :The integrated lamp with color filters shields the skin from UV rays,reducetion of unwanted hair,you also got silk-smooth skin.And Long life quartz lamp up to 400,000 flashes´╝îno replacement bulbs needed.
  • For safe use ,device will work only when the sensor is firmly in contact with skin. and it has automatical detection of fault and shut it off to avoid accident,and it auto shut-off if not used in 10mins.
  • Money well spent - Compare to salon hair removal methods,it doesn't take too much money of this at-home hair removal device.

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