Jesus Loves Me Youth Bracelets With Bookmarks Christian Party Favors for Kids (10 Sets)

Christian Book And Toys

$11.99 $19.99

These Jesus loves me youth Christian silicone rubber bracelets with Jesus Loves Me Bookmarks are great for Vbs and church camp. This size is for youth ages 3 to 11. The distance around the bracelets is 7" These are top quality and not flimsy like other brands. They are thick and not thin. They are ink injected and the letters will not wear off in time. The colors are bright and beautiful. They are purple, yellow, orange, pink, green, and red. 10 sets of bracelets and bookmarks. The bookmarks are 6" by 2" in size. Use them for Sunday school and award prizes. Another way to use them is for field trips identification bracelets. Great for Easter baskets and Christmas gifts for children. Christian wristbands for kids are fun.

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