Piccalilly: Set Of 4 Kits


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These simple décor kits make it easy for crafty kids to personalize their rooms with colorful, handmade accessories. The Pom-pom Rug Kit makes a super soft 19" x 14" rug of cushy, cheerful pom-poms. Includes pom-pom maker, six colors of yarn, rug mesh, instructions and vinyl project bag. The Felt Flower Pouf Kit creates a comfy 12" x 12" footrest or seat adorned with bright and friendly felt flowers. Includes inflatable center, zippered fabric outer shell, six colors of self-adhesive felt flower petals and instructions. The Latch-A-Loop Pillow Kit produces a delightfully plush 13" x 8" shag pillow with cozy fleece backing. Includes latch hook, seven colors of fabric loops, pre-cut fleece back, batting, mesh canvas, instructions and vinyl project bag. The Beaded Chandelier Kit includes over 600 faceted beads, clear thread, riboons, hanging rings, and a trio of battery-operated tea lights (batteries included).

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