Set of 2 Watering Cans Flowers with Inspirational Inscriptions Resin Gift Decoration

Blossom Bucket

SKU: GBB84151-hen

These pretty resin watering cans with colorful flowers, each with a unique inspirational inscription, are a wonderful gift idea for any occasion. Each says, "The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come" Song of Solomon 2:12 "Then God saw everything that He had made and indeed he felt good" Genesis 1:31. 4.33" X 2.36" X 3.82" by Blossom Bucket, Inc.

  • 1 set of 2
  • By Blossom Bucket, Inc.
  • 4.33" X 2.36" X 3.82"
  • Pretty resin watering cans

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