The Legend of The Christmas Tree Bookmarks with Swirl Tree Lollipops (12 Sets)

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12 sets of beautiful Legend of the Christmas Tree bookmarks with Swirl Christmas tree lollipops. Great for stocking stuffers. Use them for your classroom award prizes. Pass these out at church, or you can use them for Christmas parade candy. Each one has and inspirational message on it. 14 pt. Card stock Glossy. These are so neat. Each one says, "One Christmas Eve, walking through the forest, a man saw a beautiful fir tree. The branches glistened with snow, shimmering in the moonlight. He cut the tree down, and took it to his home. He and his family decorated it with small lit candles in honor of Christ the King." Beautiful designed bookmarks. Top quality. These are a nice Christmas party favor. Christmas Tree Swirl Pops. Give these merry lollipops to your kids. Perfect for tucking in a holiday candy dish or stocking, these festive suckers are shaped like jolly Christmas trees. Each 2" sucker is on a 4 1/2" plastic stick. Mixed fruit flavor. Individually wrapped. Fat-free. Total wt., 7 oz.

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