24 Sets Shine With The Light Of Jesus Christian Pumpkin Flashlight Keychain With Shine Prayer Card

Christian Book And Toys LLC

$19.99 $24.99

These go great with Christian Halloween treats. 24 sets of Shine His Light Flashlight keychains with pocket cards. Illuminate your Halloween with the radiant message of faith with "Shine with the light of Jesus" 3 3/4" plastic key chains! These cheerful pumpkins will bring an uplifting glow to your Halloween celebrations. Perfect for sharing at your church's Trunk or Treat gatherings, they're sure to receive glowing reviews from all who receive them! Equip your trick-or-treaters with these safety flashlights to light their way, and they can also easily attach them to their backpacks and purses for added convenience. Each flashlight comes with its own Shine prayer card. The pocket prayer cards are adorned with inspiring Bible verses, enriching your spiritual journey. Each Halloween card conveys a powerful message, echoing the profound words of Matthew 5:16: "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven." These exceptional items encapsulate the spirit of spreading light and kindness during Halloween festivities, making them an ideal choice for meaningful and cherished giveaways. Illuminate your Halloween with these radiant keychains, spreading the light of Jesus wherever they go!

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