24 Sets Of Christian Pumpkin Pencils With Let Your Light Shine Bulk Pumpkin Halloween Pocket Cards

Christian Book And Toys LLC


Elevate your Halloween celebrations with these exclusive "Shine For Jesus" Christian Pumpkin Pencils and Pocket Prayer Cards Set, tailor-made for Sunday School gatherings. Designed for both students and trick-or-treaters, these remarkable items embody faith, positivity, and enlightenment. Swap out traditional sugary treats for a set that truly resonates. This comprehensive package includes 24 captivating Shine for Jesus Pumpkin Pencils and 24 "Shine For Jesus" pocket prayer cards. Crafted from premium wood material, each pencil stands tall at 7.5", while the meticulously designed pocket cards, with enriching Bible verses, boast a convenient size of 3.5". Elevate your Halloween candy bags by incorporating these items, whether for enchanting trick-or-treat nights or engaging trunk-or-treat affairs. These tokens are not only keepsakes but also serve as a powerful reminder to those who embrace Jesus as their guiding light. The pencils boast affirmations such as "Let His Light Shine" and "Jesus Is the True Light." The pocket prayer cards are adorned with inspiring Bible verses, deepening your spiritual voyage. Every Halloween card echoes a profound message that resonates: "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 5:16) These exceptional items encapsulate the spirit of spreading illumination and benevolence throughout the Halloween festivities, making them an ideal choice for meaningful and cherished giveaways. These go great with Christian Halloween treats.

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