400 Stickers 4 Rolls of 100 Christian Faith-Filled Halloween Sticker Set Pumpkin Patch Handouts

Christian Book And Toys LLC


Celebrate Halloween with faith and joy using our remarkable stickers! With assorted designs and vibrant colors, these stickers are a delightful addition to your festivities. Each set includes an impressive 400 stickers, thoughtfully organized into 4 rolls of 100 stickers each, securely shrink-wrapped for your convenience. Sized at 1 1/2", these stickers are the perfect choice. Unlock the spirit of the season by incorporating these stickers into your pumpkin patch handouts. Their versatility shines at church Fall festivals and Treats 'n Trunks events, adding a special touch to every occasion. Tear them off effortlessly from the roll, and revel in the array of captivating colors they offer. These stickers aren't just decorative – they serve a purpose. Enhance your Halloween treats by sealing candy bags with these charming stickers. Make every treat bag more memorable by adding stickers with uplifting sayings like "Shine God's Light" and "Jesus Lights My Way." Experience the magic of faith-filled celebrations with these stickers that embody the essence of Halloween and the spirit of devotion. These go great with Christian Halloween treats.

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