Fully Rely On God Frog Christian Rubber Bracelets (100 Pack)

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One pack of 100 Christian silicone Frog wristbands. These Fully Rely On God Christian Rubber bracelets are sure to please your kids. One size fits most. Can be used for adults or kids. These silicone rubber wristbands bracelets are made of 100% industrial strength polished genuine silicone, unlike the flimsier and lower-quality rubber bracelets offered by others. They are green with "F.R.O.G" on one side and "Fully Rely On God" on the other side debossed on each one. With gold ink injected. One size fits all. Embossed bands are popular because using this method, bands have text that will not wear off over time. Religious fully rely on God wristbands, teen, youth fully rely on God bracelets are cool. Great for Bible class kids. Awesome fundraising item. A great way to unify families and people during trying times.

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