Legend Of The Candy Cane Christmas Bookmarks with Mini Candy Canes (100 Sets)

Christian Book And Toys


The Legend Of The Candy Cane Bookmarks and mini peppermint candy canes come in packs of 100. Each bookmark is 6" by 2" in size. You get a shrink wrapped pack of 100 Legend of the Candy Cane bookmarks with 100 mini candy canes that are individually packaged. Great for stocking stuffers. Use them for your classroom award prizes. Pass them out at church, or you can use them for Christmas parade candy. Each one has and inspirational message on it. 14 pt. Card stock Glossy. These are so neat. Each one says, "When you look at the candy cane what do you see? I see stripes that are red, like His blood shed for me. White is for my Savior who's sinless and pure. J is for Jesus, my Lord, I adore. Turn it around and a staff you will see. Jesus , my shepherd, who was born and died for me." Beautiful designed bookmarks. Top quality. These make a nice Christmas party favor for all ages.

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