Paws and Read Bulk Reading Bookmarks for Kids with Paw Print Pencils Students Teachers School Classroom Award Prizes Teacher Supplies Bulk 24 Sets (48 Pieces)

Christian Book And Toys LLC

SKU: 776776

Looking for a unique and educational alternative to candy for your next classroom giveaway? Look no further than these adorable paw print bookmarks and pencils! Perfect for rewarding your students for their reading achievements, these high-quality bookmarks are 2" by 6" in size and feature a playful paw print design. The accompanying pencils are also adorned with paw prints and have number 2 lead, making them ideal for writing and drawing. With 24 bookmarks and pencils included in each set, you'll have plenty to distribute among your class. These bookmarks and pencils aren't just great for the classroom, though. They make fantastic gifts for any occasion! With their fun and bright colors, they're sure to delight children of all ages. Use them as party favors for birthdays with a puppy, dog, or animal theme, or hand them out at animal shelter fundraisers. They're also perfect for holiday gifts, whether you're celebrating Halloween, Christmas, or Easter. Teachers, these bookmarks and pencils are a must-have for your treasure chest! Reward your students for their hard work and encourage them to continue reading with these fun and practical items. Not only will they help to motivate your students, but they'll also serve as a useful tool for keeping their place in their favorite books. In short, these paw print bookmarks and pencils are a versatile and engaging option for rewarding and motivating children. So why not ditch the candy and opt for something that will promote learning and creativity? Order your set today and watch your students light up with joy.

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